What is the overall goal of this project?

The fight against radical Islam is the defining national security challenge of our generation, but we have no discernable national strategy for victory.

 Our goal is to lead a national conversation about how our current leadership has failed, lay out positive proposals for what we must do to defeat radical Islam and keep our families safe, and clearly define the choice that Americans face in 2016.

What is your strategy for 2016 and beyond?

The only way Washington will show the leadership necessary to defeat radical Islam is if we, the American people, demand it. That’s how our system works.

We must lay out specific ideas of what we want, build support for those ideas amongst our fellow citizens, and then put pressure on both current and potential elected officials. This requires building a large, national grassroots base of Americans, and we aim to do this in the following ways:

Why should I donate and what will my money be used for?

To build a grassroots base large enough to have an impact, we must raise and spend resources to find, influence, recruit and activate people who share our values. Ultimately, all of our activity is dependent upon our ability to raise the necessary resources.

Your donation will help us to continuously create new content, such as our online video series, to market our message effectively both on and offline, hold events around the country, and so on.

Will you be endorsing or financially supporting any candidates?

No. The American Legacy Center is a 501(c)4 nonprofit set up for the purpose of advancing a message and building support amongst the public for certain policy proposals. While we will weigh in on the positions and the records of certain candidates and elected officials, our resources will not directly support anyone’s election or defeat.